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On-Demand Archiving for your Video & Audio Sermons.
Upload, catalogue and display all your sermon media on your website.
On-demand archiving solution from the CWN Network.
About our Service
Our On-Demand service allows you to upload, store and catalogue your church video or audio sermons online.

With just a small piece of code you can display a catalogue of your sermons on your own website searchable by sermon title, speaker name, date or category.

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Website Catalogue Demonstration:
The catalogue below is an actual example of how your sermons will display on your website.
Information, Pricing & Features:
All our plans include a web-based media uploading platform. Once uploaded, your video and audio files are automatically converted into the latest web-based media formats. Our system will generate a web-code which you can install into your webpage to display a catalogue of your media. The catalogue includes everything needed to display and play your media.

All plans included the following features:
  • Online media manager - Manage your media online with our easy to use system.
  • Media Catalogue - Display your media on your own website. Technical assistance available to help you get setup.
  • Sermon Searching - Your viewers are able to search by sermon title or sermon date.
  • Automated thumbnail generation for your videos.
  • Upload files up to 2GB in size with no limitation on length.

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*Unmetered transfer restrictions may apply if your media receives high amounts of traffic which cost server resources (such as, but not limited to, CPU time, memory usage, and network resources). In the event that this happens we will notify you by email with an alternate solution to handling your media.
The views expressed in any archived video or live webcast presented on our website may not necessarily be the views of the CWM owners and staff.
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