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How to begin live streaming - What equipment do I need?
There are a few key components needed to begin live streaming. We'll go through these in this guide and hopefully get you on your way to live streaming.

Turn your church sound system into a Global Broadcasting Station!1) Video/Audio Capturing Device.
If you're planning to broadcast audio only, this would be a sound mixer with a microphone. (which most churches have already). If you're planning on broadcasting both video & audio this would be a video camera and sound-mixer combo.

2) Internet Connection.
This is vital to broadcasting, you can't webcast without it! You'll need to actually have a "hard-wire" LAN cable to your computer, Wireless LAN does not work too well.

ISP Speed Test  

It's a good idea to run a speed test to check your UPLOAD speed. A good upload is very important when live streaming. Click the banner on the left to run a test now.

You'll want to see your UPLOAD speed greater then your broadcasting bit rate to maintain a good broadcasting stream to our servers.

Broadcast live from your laptop!3) Desktop or Laptop computer with proper audio / video input connectors.
This computer needs to be "decent", nothing older then 2 years especially when broadcasting both video and audio together. Try to aim at having at least 4GB of RAM minimum. You'll need a audio & video I/O (Input/Output) device installed on your PC which receives inputs from your camera and audio mixer.

Most computers now days come with audio and DV firewire slots built in. This works great with some mid level video cameras (such as the Canon GL2).
SOFTWARE - Check out the list of Encoders to the right side of this article.
4) Content Distribution. (CWM)
This is where we step in. We will deliver your content from our network to your viewers. You have the option of placing this stream on your own website or our own (or both).
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Encoder Software
Adobe Flash Encoder 3.2®
For both Windows or Mac OS, you can download a FREE encoder from Adobe® to stream through our Flash enabled servers.

Windows PC Version.
Mac OS Version.

Alternative Software
The free encoder from Adobe will do the job of broadcasting your audio and video but if you want to deliver a "richer" video stream, you'll want to invest in a better encoder software such as WireCast.

With software like this you'll be able to broadcast using multiple cameras and add real-time titles, fades and etc. 

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