How the Prophetic Gifts Clarify

Apostle Beverly "BAM" Crawford

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1 Timothy 6:12. Fight the good fight of faith. We are always fighting. Exercising our authority. Faith takes responsibility for my words thoughts and behavior. We win. Take hold. Put on that new man. The new man. There’s no limitations in God. Nothing impossible. I take the limits off God. Nothing is bigger than God. Understand authority. Authority/great faith. Rank. Protocol. Faith. Faith is about receiving instructions through the messenger God sends. Matthew 8:5. The centurion understood authority. Chain of command. Great faith. Just speak the word. I understand your rank. John 2:1. Mine hour is not yet come. Whatsoever he saith unto you do it. Know the voice of God. Fill the water pots with water. To the brim. Jesus made the best wine. Suppose the servants didn’t do it? If they had let human reasoning get in the way. Fight the good fight. Aggressive. Operative. Always be full. Always running over. You can sense when you need prayer. You need to be filled. Faith will adjust your thinking. Ephesians 4:11. The saints have to be armed and equipped. Christ’s character. Fully engaged. Faith will train your subconscious mind. Either you control the mind or the mind will control you. Your understanding darkened. Alienated from the blessings of God. Victory has to be habitual. If no challenge o victory. A struggle. Adversity. Don’t give in. Don’t give up. Engage your mind. The choir is an army. 2 Chronicles 20:17. Some battles you need to fight and some you don’t. Set yourselves. Get yourself in order. Belief in God roots and establishes you. You don’t need to fight but you do need to sing. Singing is spiritual fighting. Believe in me. Listen to the prophet and sing. I will do the rest. The anointing o the prophet activates the clarity. An enabler of your faith. Isaiah had to go through something. To raise to urgency and aggression. Isaiah 20. Walk barefooted. God is not mediocre. God is powerful. Ezekiel. Cut your hair. Cut your beard. Lay on your left side for 390. On your right for 40 days. For over a year. Prophets are signs. God had prophets do symbolic things. A succession. I’m not content being human. I have the life of God in the inside of me. I can’t be ignorant of who I am in God. Ephesians 4:18. Your understanding darkened. Hardness of your heart. Whatever you ask God is not big enough. Your expectations are not high enough. Put on the new man. Take some stuff off. Certainty of fulfillment. Obedience is rewarded. Believe God beyond your capability. We are supernatural. Prophets pronounce blessings. Speak the blessings. Prophets release blessings. You have to be around supernatural more than you’re around carnal. I anticipate the inevitable supernatural intervention of God. I expect the miracle. Elisha. 2 Kings 13:14. The arrow of the Lords deliverance. People who stop believing God and then stop. He didn’t follow through. He was satisfied with partial results. He stopped short of the ultimate goal. He lacked the aggression to finish the job. He didn’t fill the pot. The core of your character is who you are habitually. You have to match the aggression of your adversary. 1 John 5:4. Victory that overcomes the world even our faith. Sometimes you have to walk with people. Don’t let them quit. Don’t be half-hearted. The Word helps you to stand. Holds your arms up. We speak blessings. You have to know enough about the power of God. Decree healing. Long life and protection. Believe in God and you’ll be established. The prophets add. The prophets recognize weakness. God rewards righteousness. Your effort. The reward of the prophet is the proof of divine intervention. The blessings of God. You shall bless and your blessings know no distance. You are not limited. Whatsoever he says do it. Get gangster with it. Get thuggish with it. The arrow of Gods victory. A lesson in obedience. God wants to you in a place of victory. The blood of Jesus qualifies you. Keep yourself full. The woman and the jars. Peter and his taxes. Don’t get weary in well doing. Because you don’t see results don’t quit. Don’t quit. Nevertheless at thy word I will. Let your faith be strong. Build yourself up. Surround yourself with people who can hold you up. We won’t let anyone talk us into being mediocre. We are warriors. We see the result.
Published on Sunday, May 19, 2019
Video length: 2:32:43

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