Unveiling the Magic:
The Step-by-Step Process

Step 1: Create an account and upload your videos

Create an account with us today and take the first step toward launching your very own custom Roku channel. This will allow you to begin uploading your videos effortlessly, and watch your content come to life once your Roku channel is launched. Our easy-to-use platform ensures a smooth process, so you can focus on sharing your creativity with the world.

Keep the content flowing! After your channel launches, you can continue to upload new videos anytime, and watch them magically appear on your channel. Stay fresh, stay updated, and keep your audience coming back for more!

Step 2: Share details with us and upload your logo

Complete our easy-to-use online setup guide to share details like your desired channel name and channel description. This is your chance to shape your Roku channel's identity and let us know how we can make it truly yours. At this stage you will also upload your brand logo, allowing our artwork team to give your Roku channel a personalized touch.

Step 3: Let our talented artwork team weave their magic!

Our talented artwork team will craft a stunning design for your Roku channel using your logo. We'll ensure your brand identity shines through with a cohesive and captivating look that engages viewers and leaves a lasting impression. Let us transform your logo into a dynamic visual experience!

Step 4: We'll get your channel approved on Roku

Let us handle the details! We'll take care of submitting your channel to Roku for approval, ensuring it meets all guidelines and standards. Sit back and relax while we navigate the process, bringing your channel one step closer to reaching millions of viewers. Your Roku journey starts here!

Step 5: Channel launch and ongoing maintenance

Once your channel is approved and launched on the Roku channel store, stay worry-free with our ongoing maintenance! We ensure your Roku channel runs smoothly and stays up-to-date with the latest features and content. From technical support to regular updates, we've got you covered. Focus on creating great content while we handle the rest!


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